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Fire: The amount of color flashing in a diamond caused by the stone splitting white light into the spectrum colors. 

Fracture filling: A treatment used to patch cracks in a diamond. These diamonds will not be graded by accredited labs and the treatment by law must be disclosed to a potential buyer.

Irradiation: A treatment that changes the color of a gem by exposing it to radioactive materials.

Inclusion: An internal characteristic, often called an imperfection, in a diamond or gemstone.

Luster: The quality and quantity of light reflecting from the surface of a gemstone.

Make: Refers to a diamond’s overall cut quality.

Melee: Small diamonds (less than 1/5 carat) usually set to accent a center diamond.

Polish: The degree of surface perfection on a diamond.

Glossary of Diamond Terms

Do you dream of diamonds?... Looking for a little guidance?  Check our Glossary of Diamond Terms.  Feel free to stop in with any questions you have.
Brilliance: the amount of “white light” returning to the eye from a diamond.

Carat weight: The measurement of weight derived from a carob seed which is equal to .20 gram.

Cut: The proportions and finish determined and executed by a diamond cutter.

Fancy color: A rare natural hue found in diamonds. The most highly prized are red, pink, green, blue and yellow.

Fancy shape: A shape other than round, such as pear, marquise, oval, emerald, heart, princess, and radiant.