​How to buy a gemstone

What is a gemstone?.......any naturally occurring mineral or organic material that possess beauty, rarity, a reasonable degree of durability and value.

You should expect lasting value and enjoyment in any gemstone jewelry purchase.

First, trust your instincts. If a gemstone or piece of jewelry "talks" to you, listen.

​The factors of color, cut, clarity and carat weight apply to colored gems, but each variety has its own standards.

Color - Every gem has a unique range. Generally speaking, the purest and most vivid color a gem can have is the most expensive.

Cut - Not shape but workmanship determines the beauty of a gem after color.

Clarity - natural internal characteristics are accepted in most colored gems, provided they don't detract from the appearance of the gem.

Carat Weight - most gems are available in a range of sizes.

Additionally values are influenced by supply and demand and rarity.

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