Wedding Bands

...and the perfect bride's wedding band?

Many engagement rings are already part of a set, and you may have already chosen to go that route for the bride’s wedding band.  

For most engagement rings, though, there are many complimentary bands for couples to choose from.

A diamond band is a very popular choice and a great compliment to most styles.  Maybe you would prefer a delicate floral style, or a bolder contemporary look.  Come into the store and try different styles on to test out how they look on your hand.  

We can add color – sapphire and diamond is a beautiful combination sometimes chosen by brides who want something a little bit different.

If your engagement ring doesn’t have a flat profile, ​a plain, narrow “shadow” band is easy and relatively inexpensive for us to make.  Such a band follows the curves and contours of your engagement ring without adding a lot of extra width, and without detracting from the design of your ring.  Of course, diamonds can be added, we can make a contoured diamond band or wrap for your ring.  If what you want isn't pre-made, don't be afraid to consult us for a quote.  After all, you will be wearing this ring for a long time.

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