​Custom wedding bands for men too.

Flat or curved, carved, laser engraved, yellow, white, brushed or shiny, diamond or plain, there are hundreds of style options.  Start putting rings on, and you will develop an idea what feels like the right ring for you. The traditional gold band is still a classic.  As styles change over time, the plain gold or white gold band, or plain with a millgrained edge detail, will never look dated.  Precious metal bands (yellow gold, white gold, platinum, palladium) are available wide or narrow, large or small. Patterned rings can combine bright polish and brushed textures, twisted rope details, or two colors of gold.   
Non-traditional metals are a popular choice for some grooms, partially due to the high price of precious metals, and partially because they’re just cool.  

Alternative materials (titanium, tungsten, space-age ceramic) are much less expensive than gold and platinum, are more durable and are hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin.  
These metals have an rugged industrial appeal that is perfect 
for some grooms.  
Keep in mind, however, because of the properties of these industrial materials, these rings normally can’t be re-sized or worked on by a jeweler.

Men's Wedding Bands

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